Balanced Scorecard Software

Data Collection

Collecting the Scorecard data can be a time consuming exercise.  Our experience has shown the only effective way to collect the data is to either have total control, via a centralised collector, or to give individual responsibility to those that are directly accountable for one or more metrics.  

Having total control usually entails lots of endless needless hours chasing the metrics from persons who don't care or don't want to be acountable.   

Assigning responsibility of the data not only causes staff to be more accountable but also makes them more aware. To facilitate that we've developed our "Owner" system.  Simply assign the metrics to those responsible and they'll enjoy a limited one screen access to their allocated metrics to enter their data.  The system flags non-compliance and reminders.  

Less hands-on for the controller, freeing up their time for interpretation, analysis, management and action.