Balanced Scorecard Software

Balanced Scorecard & Strategy Map

Your Strategy Map provides a pictorial look at your perspectives, your objectives and the relationships between them.  A great communication tools that can give another level of insight, the big picture view.  Keep staff, customers and stakeholders in the loop with your strategic "snapshot". 

You can create your strategy map or tweak it's components simply.  Click and link objectives, add your vision, mission and core values.  Assign weightings and edit as you need, all within the Strategy Map.

Your Balanced Scorecard  is your visual representation of your perspectives, objectives and metrics. Color coded for easy one glance interpretation complete with success calculations against targets. One click and you can share and print.  Add your Vision, Mission and Core Value statements to enhance your report even further.  Banks, stakeholders and staff can easily be informed as to your strategic progress.  

As in the Balanced Scorecard tradition, your report provides a simple snapshot that keeps everyone informed and enlightened.