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We are a web based service with inherent limitations.  The needs of customers can sometimes go beyond the bounds of our products.  In short we need support.  No amount of written instruction or education can substitute for one on one personal dialogue that's needed to understand the uniqueness of individual businesses.  

Our products are implementation and control based.  They are not thought based strategy development systems, of which there are many.  They are not designed to interpret outcomes and develop resultant corrective action that could range from redefining the strategy and reassigning priorities, to successful strategy implementation and control.  

The strategic planning process from start to finish is an involved process of which our product serves but a portion.  Hence the need for Partners.  Organisations from time to time solicit inquiries that are outside our business scope.  If you would like to be a part of our growing list of advisors for work referral, then compete the information below.  

Assignment of referrals will generally be location based and at no cost to you.  All we ask is that you become an advocate of our product.

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