Balanced Scorecard Software

Mostly Asked Scorecard Questions

  • I have metrics that need to be less than the target. How can this be achieved so that the weighted score is correct ?
  • How many scorecards can we have under one business ?
  • In the different packages is the limit on objectives per company or per perspective ?
  • What is the cost per month for a company that would need 4 scorecards and have 4-8 users ?
  • If I name an executive as a manger in the system under one business/division can he be named as a manager in another division Thanks again ?
  • Balanced Scorecard what is that ?
  • My Scorecard is different ?
  • What makes this software better ?
  • Students can enjoy "Professor Privileges" ?
  • Am I locked into an ongoing contract or hidden charges ?
  • Is my data safe ?
  • Is registration free ?
  • When does my package expire ?
  • Subscription model ?

Client Testimonials

  • Sleep easier with Ezzyscorecard. This app takes away the worry of wondering if your team are on top of their game. The KPI and metric designing process is painless and the visuals and graphics enhance the feel. The power of communicating vision through a structured process matched with the deliverable timelines present a useful and dynamic executive management tool. Highly recommended to those that value transparency and accountability.. Terry Walmsley - CEO/Owner- 1 Plus One.
    1 plus One