Balanced Scorecard Software

About Us

Have you ever tried to compile and monitor a functional Balanced Scorecard before?  Most systems designed to monitor scorecards are complex and involve extensive time to not only understand the system but to also update the information required to produce meaningful reports and analysis.  Let's face it, the whole idea of a Balanced Scorecard is to provide a one page "snap shot" of the strategic direction of the business or non-profit organisation. In other words, to simplify whole organisational reporting to a few key metrics that drive key areas to flag both issues and opportunities. 

So why is it that something that was created to simplify things seems to get complex when we try to implement that simplicity?

ezzyScorecard is our resultant outcome to simplify the implementation and monitoring process with a "whole of view” approach.  At our core is our fundamental driver of simplifying complex issues for ease of understanding and usage.  The classic case of creating more from less.  Put simply, things that are complex or hard to undertake, will generally never get done.  

At the end of the day it's all about getting the right information in the quickest amount of time, in an easy to understand format, that will enable business owners to "get on" with the business of running their business without wasting resources on overburdened administration

ezzyScorecard really does make your balanced scorecard quite simple to do, and we guarantee you’ll be up and going within minutes.