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Students can get a leg up into the business world with a free six-month (Professor) subscription to our Balanced Scorecard system.  Simple but powerful, students will see the immediate impact of their data or projects unfold in real time.  

If you already know where you're headed then straight to the Overview page to enter your Objectives and Metrics.  Standardized Perspectives have already been set up, you can edit these at any time.  Build a case to add another Perspective or two, or re-think what you're trying to achieve.

Most of the functionality is in front of your eyes.  Simply mouse over and click.

Play the "thinking" game by defining business objectives through initiatives.  Think through objectives definitions (that can be hard) and then identify the metrics required to realise those objectives.  Drill down on metrics at any time to enable the analytics function and interrogate further.

Have fun with the Strategy Map and see how easily it links to Objectives and Metrics.  Look at the relationships between Objectives.  Look at the impact of allocating resources to different metrics and determine the impact on overall strategy.  Play with the weightings and their impact on overall strategies, they may adjust your priorities.

Preview your Balanced Scorecard and comment.  Or even better create a presentation for discussion.

And to give you some further flexibility we've added a Workbench to able you to report your metrics in a Dashboard format.

Good luck with your studies.  Knock 'em dead!

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