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Strategy Map Tab

A clear picture of your strategy, your Strategy Map highlights performance, relationships and is a great communication tool for your organisation or interested third parties.

Contents of your Strategy Map

Vision, Mission and Core values.  These can be easily edited by clicking the text box and are also contained in the main header menu under Manage Businesses.

Add Objectives as you see fit.  You are limited to four Objectives per Perspective.  And you cannot add more Objectives if your total weighting is 100% - you can manage additional objectives by altering the individual Objective weighting - remembering you are limited to four objectives.

Add Relationships.  Simply click the starting Objective you wish to create a relationship with.  Click the linked Objective and the relationship will appear.

Adding any Objectives and Relationships will automatically populate your Overview Page and vice versa.  You can easily commence the ground work for your Scorecard by using Strategy Maps and then populating your metrics through Overview.

Editing your objectives.  Just click on the Objective cell and select from the Icons that appear for Delete, Edit Name and Weighting.

Editing your Relationships.  Click the connecting arrow, the delete icon will appear, click this to delete the relationship.  

Toggle on and off floating Comment your Vision, Mission and Core Beliefs Statements.  This allows your Strategy Map to be formulated without these statements attached.

Turn off Results.  Your Strategy Map defaults with weightings and a color performance guide.  For Printing purposes, you may wish to disable these features to allow a simple portrayal of your map without someone knowing your results.

Color Coded.  The objectives listed also reflect current performance of the objectives.  Green is good and red needs some work.  Highlight problem areas and problem objective relationships with a graphical representation of performance.

Print.  You can Print, Share (email) or Export your Strategy Map.