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Workbench Tab

Workbench provides you with the tools to report, in any way, the metrics in your scorecard.  You may wish to isolate problem metrics or flag those requiring special attention.  You can Report on the metrics selected via Print, Share through email, Export or our Presentation mode.

Presentation mode allows you to display your results in a Power Point "like" format.  Save your Presentation to a stick for transfer to other presentation hardware or simply Present from the Web.

Your Options:

Left Side Panel

  Select the Business or Business Unit

  Select your Date Range

  Filter your metrics by Perspective or Filter your Metrics by problem metrics - Red Flag

Top Header

  Select Grid Layout

  Select Recurring - do you intend to use this report content and layout again?

  Select whether you need individual graph comments

  Select whether you require a Main overall comment floating Comment for your report

  Select your report Orientation - Portrait/Landscape.  The default is Portrait.

  Select your Report Output - Export, Print, Share, Presentation 

  Save and Reset Reset functions available

Right Side Panel

  MultiGraph functionality - add additional dynamics to any MultiGraph you create

Getting Started

  Enter your Report Name.  Then Select your business and reporting year.

  Filter your metrics as required.

  Select a Placeholder by clicking the Placeholder box.

  Check the Metric you wish to graph.  Choose additional Placeholders with matching Metrics to complete your report.

  Once your Graph appears on the Placeholder you can change the graph type to fit your purpose.  Remembering the purpose of graphs are to       communicate a result quickly and precisely.

  Mouse over your graph to find the additional features.  You can delete your graph, change the type line_chartbar_chartstacked_chartYear on Year, visually see if it has been Red   Flagged bad-flag, view numeric results and drill down even further with Analytics Analytics - a more in-deph view of performance.  Your Analytics Analytics      screen opens in a new Tab to provide practical functionality.

  Enter Comments where required to describe the individual Metric Performance.

  Click the "Add Main Comment" Icon (top of page) to record your Report's overall appraisal. 

  MultiGraphs can be created by simply selecting a Placeholder and more than one Metric.  Great for comparing comparable Metric results.

  Use the MultiGraph additional features (Right Side Panel) for added enhancements.

  Save your Report.  Then ... Print, Export, Share or Present.