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Scorecard Tab

Your Scorecard is the summary outcome  of your metric data.  In effect your results page, a Simple Snapshot that keeps everyone informed and enlightened.

Your Perspectives, Objectives, and Metrics are tabulated as a one-page reportable document.  Share, Print or export.  Provides instant meaning as to the effectiveness of your strategy.

Simply select your Business/Business Unit and the Year you are reporting on.  

All performance results are reflected in color to provide immediate optics as to the level of your success.

Narrow down problem metrics quickly.  

Mouse over and click performance percentages to view results graphically.  Further drill down to Analytics Analytics by clicking the Analyticsicon on the graph.

Overall success is represented by the Progress Bar at the top of the page.

Present your findings to management, clients, stakeholders and investors.

Four perspectives per page are reported on.