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Initiatives Tab

Initiatives is a non-compulsory option included to setup your scorecard.  The scorecard works independently of you having any Initiatives.  initiatives are the critical issues that usually stem from the Strategic Planning process. Your scorecard can accommodate your initiatives to ensure that effective implementation is carried out.  The Scorecard allows Initiatives to be allocated relative to the appropriate perspective, object and metric.  It will soon show if your accountability system is correctly thought through.  Some metal gymnastics are often called upon.

Initiatives are added simply by clicking the "Add Initiatives" button.  The options presented are:

Initiative - Clearly define your Initiative

Result Expected - What outcome is expected from its completion

Contributors and Resource Requirements - Who will be involved and what resources will be required

Priority - Used to rank initiatives, low, medium or high.

Time Scale - When does it need to be done.  In the short, medium or long-term?

Relevance - Rate the relevance to your Strategic Profile.  1 being important to 10 being not that important.

Next Review Date - Date the Initiative is to be reviewed next to assess implementation compliance and relevance

Once you've identified which initiatives are initially actionable you can start your implementation roll out plan by assigning Perspectives, Objectives and Metrics.  Ensure your metrics are valid and support your objectives.  Each Initiative can have cross functional Perspectives and have multiple objectives and metrics.

After assessing your Initiatives, you may consider some are no longer valid - delete them.  Too many initiatives can be counterproductive and lead to lack of focus and spreading resources too thinly.

Listings.  You can list you Initiatives in various forms for review.  Refer to the options at the top of the screen.