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Weighting is effectively the assigning of relative importance of your Perspectives, Objectives and underlying metrics; to the realisation of your strategy.  This is done by giving your measure a value (out of 100) to reflect it's value.  Consider that to achieve increased sales, two things need to happen; sales training and open a new geographical market.  You know that sales training is important, however by opening up a new geographical market will have a significant impact on achieving organisation strategy with the confines of the Vision of the operation.  Clearly the Increase Sales objective will be largely effected by opening up new markets rather than the incremental improvement of sales training.  Therefore a higher weighting of importance would be required.  Assigning weightings also helps resource allocation determination.  So the Objective - Increased sales could consist of New sales Market metric 80% and Sales training 20%.  This mere percent allocation highlights the relative importance of metrics to achieve stated strategic outcomes.