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June 27, 2018

Accountants and Consultants alike are conditioned to submit performance numbers using historical accounting format.  Granted the average professional can decipher these numbers with ease but the presentation of these numbers to the untrained is akin to most of us looking at the fine print in legal documentation.  Yet these professionals continue to present information in a form most of us fail to understand.  Clearly the thought of digesting financial information in historical format is a task most of us dread.  Our lack of understanding and its lack of interpretability add to the burden of the exercise.  Why would we bother looking at something we just don't get.  The information is important.  The information needs to be communicated.  The information needs to be actionable.  

Why not simply just change the way it is done?  The old adage "A picture is worth a thousand words" applies in this context.  Graphical representation of numbers can tell a story that pure numbers cannot.  Comparisons, trends and actionable results are readily interpretable and send a message that prompts decision making and discussion.  They can form part of the reporting process or replace the reporting process all together.  And the beauty of it is that most readers will understand the message you're trying to sell.  Trends, issues, opportunities come alive with the simple use of a graphic.

Impress your clients with the simplicity of the information you are presenting.  Engaging your clients with information they can relate to will ensure a new level of interaction, greater discussion outcomes and a greater chance of client longevity.  Identify your clients' key metrics and simply generate your Scorecard Reports using the ezzyScorecard data collection interface.  So simple your support staff can maintain and report, freeing up your time for relationship building.  

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