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June 27, 2018

Visually, your Metrics need to be simple.  Avoid the "fluff" and the temptation of creating flowery good looking graphics that don't convey meaning.  The use of metrics are a management tool that (hopefully) are used by management in their day to day operations. 

They should be designed to convey information visually and quickly so management can quickly evaluate the impact on their operations at a glance.  This visual dynamic will ensure problems and opportunities are identified and actioned quickly.  Management really doesn't want to be looking at performance images that take time to decipher and interpret, nor to they have the time to digest tables of numbers seeking further clarification.  Management time, at best is in limited supply, so the easier information can be portrayed and interpreted the better.

All graphs have a purpose, to convey information simply and quickly, and with the right data mining surprising associations and relationships within data can emerge.  But in terms of business performance, simple line or bar charts offer, in most cases, a comprehensive analysis of what is trending, whether results are being achieved, and whether action needs to be taken.

So the old adage of "Keep it Simple Stupid" (KISS) certainly applies to the use of Metrics.

Visual interpretation without interrogation, quickly and effectively is the key to unlocking effective management performance. So come along for the "KISS" ride with ezzyScorecard.


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